I would like to show you a summary of what is possible to get closer to the disire having a child and also what the treatment¬†approximately would cost. ūüôā

Maybe you can imagine it better that way or could get some infos about your own desire of having a child.

To be¬†eligible for cost sharing of a health insurance company in Germany ¬†(about 50% ¬†for max. 3 attemts) there are requirements that have to be fulfilled. For example you have to be married, the¬†women must not be over 40 years, the man not over 50 years. For single women or unmarried couples the health insurance doesn’t cover any costs.

Sadly the legal situation in germany is a bit strange, because of that not every doctor will perform a treatment on single women or unmarried couples and some even require a notary contract or someone who will vouch for you, who optionally ensure child support if needed.

IUI/AI РFor the artificial insemination semen of a private donor or from the own partner will be processed at the moment of the ovulation in the uterus, to get the semen closer to the ovula. This process will mostly be combined with medicine to stimulate the ovary.

IVF – A In-vitro-Fertilisation, also named¬†‚Äěartificial fertilisation‚Äú , includes¬†different stages. Wich include, besides hormonal stimulation, small operations.

  • hormontherapy
  • ovulation is initiated
  • removal of mature¬†ova
  • fertilisation of the egg cell by a¬†sperm cell
  • transfer of successfully fertilised ove into uterus
  • Assisted Hatching
  • checkup and blood sampling

During IVF the fertilisation doesn’t occur in the womans body instead “artificial” at a laboratory. The treatment extends over several weeks. IVG requires mostly a hormontherapy of the woman. After that the doctor removes the ovule from the overy and adds it into a laboratory glass with the semen of the partner or a semen donor. Is the fertilisation successful and the oocytes is fertilized up to three oocytes will be implanted into the uterus.

ICSI РThe Intracytoplasmic sperm injection can be part of the IVF treatment. Marginal semen count, or by stongly reduced mobility of the semen, the possibility of normal fertilisation is really low. To enhance the fertilisation, semen will be selected under a microscope, that looks and moves normal. The semen will be carefully injected into the ovule. This process is called microsemination or ICSI.

PICSI – For the psychological intracyptoplasmic sperm injection Hyaluronic acid is used on tested on sperm to select mature sperm. With that its possible to gather high quality sperm for the following ICSI. The heads of mature sperm carry a specific receptor for hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronan is a major component for the hull, wich surrounds the ovum. Immature semen don’t own that receptor. With that process mature semen can be selected by visual¬†appearance under the microscope with the help of PICSI for the following ICSI.

Adoption – At least one parent has to be in between 25 and 40 years old, you have to be married, the child has to agree with it, psychological report has to be provided, police clearance certificate without any violations.

It is possible if you are single for abroad adoptions (by single I mean single persons and also women/men  that have a partner but are not married) to adopt a child, but the requirements are almost similar to adoption for married couples.

Cost Рthe actual costs can differ and are calculated without medicine cost.

Procedure Cost
IUI for home insemination about¬†120‚ā¨ – here you can save the cost of the doctor and journey, otherwise¬†about 400 – 500‚ā¨¬†with doctor assistance
IVF about¬†2,000 – 3,000‚ā¨
ISCI about 3,500 – 4,000‚ā¨
PICSI about 4,000 – 5,000‚ā¨
Adoption about 10,000 – 30,000‚ā¨ (abroad)

Depending on wich therapy there are also added costs for semen analysis, medicine, the examination of the permeability of the oviduct, anesthetic, HIV-test and eventually storage costs for surplus ova for more atempts.